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Fascias and bargeboards make up the front panels of the roofline system and are particularly prone to damage and dirt with quality repairs or replacements making a huge improvement in general appearance. 

Modern options come in a range of styles and colours, bargeboards can be highly decorative and even flat fascias have options with designs carved and grooved into them


The essential support to the roofline which links the fascias and bargeboards to the wall, soffits can be vented to allow airflow and ventilation in the loft space.


We install all colours and types of Fascias & Soffits


Over fascia vents is the most commonly used system that also complies with the latest building regulations and his hidden from view. Another option is Continuous ventilation at eaves level

This method is achieved by ventilation applied to soffit area. Examples of this are 'strip ventilation' and circular or square ventilation grills. Other methods include pre vented soffit boards offered by many of the manufacturers. However one disadvantage of ventilating the roof space in the soffit area is that after time this highly visible area becomes a dust trap and attracts insects, this can spoil the cosmetic appearance of the roofline especially in single story buildings.

Adding a fresh roofline can be like a facelift to the outside of the house, instantly providing a clean and modern look whether it’s a first installation or a replacement of an old system. Classic white PVC still rules the market but new options coming onto the market offer profiles designed to look like mahogany, oak, rosewood and plain black.

Guaranteed against fading for 10 years these high quality products can give your home a whole new exterior look and they also help keep your roof in great shape blocking rain and damp.

Common opinion now suggests that installing uPVC Fascias and Soffits is much more manageable in the long run as it eliminates the problems associated with wooden fascias and soffits.

uPVC fascias and soffits come in many colours and it is ultimately up to the owner to decide which colour to opt for. Usually, people with traditional style housing will opt for brown/oak coloured fascias to keep within the theme of the house.