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Roof Cleaning


Over time dirt, debris and moss can collect on the roof tiles, which not only makes the roof unsightly but can also fall into the guttering.  This can then block the guttering causing damage as the rainwater may be unable to flow from the gutters to the down pipes and thus enter the drains.

Blocked gutters can cause rain water to leak into the roof space or damage the brickwork of the property as the rain spills over the gutters.


Finished - all moss, dirt and debris has been removed from the roof tiles which allows free flowing rain water to disperse into the gutters.


We also provide a cleaning service for Driveways, Paths and Patios.

Giving them a fresh up-dated look, getting rid of any grime, debris, weeds, etc.

Our patio and driveway pressure washing service and decking moss removal service will restore your garden to its former glory.  We can clean away moss, paint splashes, oil spills, garden debris, dirt and grime which has been left to build up over years of use.  We use a special high pressure washing system along with a solvent free cleaning agent, which leaves stone surfaces clean, without damaging their finish. Pressure washing is effective on flat or uneven surfaces and is ideal for patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and decking moss removal.